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Tenta-X Octo-Grip - Purple

Tenta-X Octo-Grip - Purple

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Master your game with the Octo-Grip mousepad, engineered for gamers who crave ultimate control and precision. This pad features our signature Octo-Grip fabric that offers robust control and enhanced stability, making every movement count. With its optimized texture for steadfast grip, it's ideal for players who rely on steady hand movements. Whether you’re strategizing in a tactical shooter or engaging in high-stakes eSports, the Octo-Grip is your foundation for gaming excellence.


Hybrid Surface: Low initial friction, high dynamic friction, high stopping power.

Base: ApexGrip Tech (Poron-Like), soft to mid-soft.

Stitching: Below-surface stitching.


490mm (19.3in) x 420mm(16.5in) x 3.5mm (0.14in)

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Octo-Grip Woven Fabric

Low initial friction

High dynamic friction

High stopping power.

ApexGrip Tech

3.5mm Poron-Like base, comes in soft to mid-soft, For Maximum Stability & Comfort

Optimal Size for Precision

49x42 cm – Expertly sized to ensure ample room for all your gaming maneuvers